Mystery Shirt Collection

Camden's Corner Mystery Shirt Collection

If you like cute, soft & comfy tees AND you love Surprises, then you will LOVE the Camden's Corner Mystery Shirt of the Month!
Every month, from the 1st to the 10th, we take orders for the following months Mystery Shirt and a ship date of the first week of the month.  For example, we start taking orders for the April Mystery Shirt on March 1-10th for a ship date of the 1st week of April.
This Is not a monthly subscription. You can pick and choose which Month you want to receive a shirt.  We put so much thought into each shirt! I'm sure if you like the other shirts we sell, you'll ❤️ it, too!


Here are the details for the Mystery Shirt:

•Shirts are unisex, true to size!  Available in size options as listed in the listing.  

•No refunds or exchanges on Mystery Shirts

•When the shirts have shipped (the first week of the month) you will receive a tracking number in your email.

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